Blue Silver Mist (Misty Girls)

Our newbie

Misty is a blue roan filly Tennessee Walking Horse. She has a white star on her head. She was born May 6, 2013. She is our only female and is smart. She likes to order the geldings around. She is 15 hands high and is fun to be around.  




Leon's Golddust

The Boss

Golddust is a golden Palamino Tennessee Walking Horse. He is 11 years old and the leader of the herd. He likes competition, being in charge and attention. He is almost 16 hands high and fun to ride. He loves carrots and bananas!

Trinity Ranc​h of Tennessee


In loving memory of Faith's Red Cross. We will see you in heaven buddy!

Just Frank

Our first

Frank was our first horse. He is a white and black spotted saddle horse. He was born in June of 2010 which makes him 7 years old. He is 16 hands high and loves attention, hugs and being groomed. Frank is very laid back and is great on trails and in the show ring. His favorite thing to do is eat.

Inconceivable Vincini


Vinny is a black and white spotted saddle horse. He is 9 years old and Frank's best buddy. He is almost 15 hands high. He loves to think he is in charge and boss new horses around. He loves attention, grass, love and being groomed. He is also a great trail and show horse.