Trinity Ranc​h of Tennessee


Meet the Trainer

Jasmine Langendoerfer

Jasmine started at an early age riding in the English arena. Her first show she received a 2nd place ribbon in equitation and multiple 3rd and 4th place ribbons. From there, she moved into hunter/jumper. Jasmine's area of interest shifted when she met Frank, the first horse Trinity Ranch TN owned. Frank is a gaited, spotted saddlebred horse and much different from the other horses she had ridden. How can a gaited horse possibly learn collection, cantering and jumping? Well, Jasmine applied her training to Frank and he does all of this, and more. 

Jasmine has ridden many variety of horses, all of which varied in temperment- including quarter horses, thoroughbreds, appaloosas, spotted saddlebreds, TN Walkers, ponies, appendixes, paints, and arabians. 

Jasmine believes in training from the ground up. Literally. If a horse does not have solid ground skills that horse will not respond to you as a rider. With the help of other assistant trainers (Mom and Dad) Jasmine has effectively trained several gaited horses through time, hard work and respect. Jasmine has also applied her philosophy to other gaited and non gaited young horses that had never been ridden, and has broken those horses and has made them a pleasure to ride. 

Jasmine is an all around trainer, not limited to any type of horse, and will work with you and your horse on the basic fundamentals a horse needs in early training.