Trinity Ranc​h of Tennessee




Trinity Ranch Tennessee believes in the philosophy of training from trust and respect rather than force. Our love of horses started six years ago when our ranch's trainer, and our daughter, Jasmine, began riding. Our venture of working with horses started 4 years ago when our trainer, God, offered this beautiful ranch to us and we accepted his blessing. 

We specialize in renovating horses-whether that is rescuing a horse from near death or neglect, or tuning up a horse that just needs some time and attention. Before we sell a horse, we will determine if the new owner will be the right fit and that the home will be a good home in order for the horse to thrive and be happy. Riding is only done with bitless bridles, which are highly effective in developing trust with a horse and building confidence. 

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1293 Hemphill Rd.

Petersburg, TN 37144



Horse renovation through Training, Love and Pasture. TLP